Three Ireland

Out of credit?

Why I'm here?

No need to worry. It's probably for one of two simple reasons. Read on and we'll launch you back into cyberspace in no time:

PrePay Customers.

1. Have you run out of top-up credit?

You might be seeing this page if you have no top-up credit left. You can check, for free, at See "Account Balance". Any credit you have will be shown under "Cash Credits"

What to do:

If you do need credit, you can buy it online. Go to the "Topping Up" section on where you'll be asked to register your debit or credit card to buy a top-up.

If you prefer, you can buy your credit in a Three store, or anywhere you see the top-up sign, and you'll be good to go.

2. Do you have an active mobile broadband add-on?

You could be seeing this page if you have top-up credit, but haven't yet bought a broadband add-on, or if your add-on has expired.

What to do:

Go to, for free, and click on "My Account Balance". If you have an active broadband add-on, it will show up in the "Mobile Broadband". section. If you have no add-ons, but do have credit, just go to "Buy Add Ons" and choose the daily, weekly or monthly broadband add-on you need. You'll be back surfing again in no time.

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BillPay Customers.

1. You have reached your monthly credit limit until your next bill date. 

If you'd like to continue using the internet, you can make an interim bill payment by calling 1913 free, from any Irish landline or dial +353 83 333 333. You will then be able to use this service, at out of bundle rates, until your next bill date.

2. Data Roaming is turned off in My3

Go to "My Roaming Settings" section in to set the roaming you'd like. Remember any usage abroad is not included in your monthly price plan and will be charged.

Click here for Pricing Info >

3. Still having problems?

Don't worry, just give us a call on 1913 from any Irish landline or dial +353 83 333 333 and we'll be happy to help.